Sýndromo Apallic II

by Obscurea vs. Enny

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released July 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Obscurea Belarus

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Track Name: I walk into the sadness and my heart wide open
So many time passed by.But I still remember.
The nights, the days,
I hate my memories.
It hurts so much
I feel your touch through all this time.
I known you still mine.Still mine.

You’re missing me
I know I see
Don’t hide your eyes,
Don’t cry I ‘ll hide your heart
Inside me.
No pain without broken heart. No pain without . Heart
No pain
Track Name: If You Can
What is your problem?
Say to me.
What are we waiting for my dear?
You are still staying far from me.
Come and hold me in your dream.

I believe that our dreams
Will come true some day.
You may hide,
But I’ll find you anyway.

It is so useless to believe in emptiness
That left of us.

But there is no us anymore
You are living in your life
And I am living my own
My own

Good-bye my love
Good-bye my love

We buried our love long ago.
Long ago…
Track Name: Burnout Down
The dark sides of our lives
Are always beside.
We try to hide it our minds
But it still burns us.

Go away, Go away
I don’t want to feel this pain
Go away. Go away
Don’t make feel this way.

Step by step, we go into future
Trying not to look back.
But memories from our childhood
Are in our heads… in your heads

The pain from our childhood
Is a most strongest
It follows us
Until we die.
Track Name: No Fate (atmosphere)
Дождь смоет усталость.
Убежит ручьями боль.
И останется лишь слабость
Потечет спокойно кровь.

За стеною дождя
Я увижу твой лик.
Вновь попытка вернуть
И отчаянья крик.

Давит серость небес.
Стало трудно дышать.
Эта тяжесть как крест
От нее не сбежать.

За стеною дождя
Я увижу твой лик.
Вновь попытка вернуть
И отчаянья крик.